Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way that I can make accounts for other people using my email address for them?

No. Due to the legal User Agreement we can’t allow that.

In the future if we were to have a larger paid memory storage this would be possible but for now, no. Perhaps it is a good opportunity for you to create an email account with this person?

Why hasn’t my activation email arrived?

1.   Check your ‘junk mail’ or ‘spam’.

2.   For those of you who are using corporate spam filters, such as McAfee, or Spamcop, please try adding the email address to your safe-senders list. If you are not sure of how to add a sender to your safe-senders list, please contact your IT department to get assistance with this.

3.   If none these options fix this issue, then you may have to use your personal email account to set up

I have signed on but nothing will work.

Check the bottom left hand corner of the web page to see if the page has loaded correctly. (There is a small box that appears that may say that the site has not loaded fully—it may have a yellow yield sign and an exclamation mark.)

1)   It could be that your internet browsing settings are not allowing the page to load fully. Hit the refresh button (circle arrow) to update the page.

2)   Check your firewall or privacy settings in your internet browser options (specifically your JavaScript settings, then raise your settings and try again.) If you are unable to change this setting, please contact your IT department to get assistance with this.

3)   We suggest using Mozilla Firefox as a browser as this has alleviated this problem for others. To download Mozilla Firefox, visit If you are unable to install Firefox, please contact your IT department to get assistance with this.

Once a profile is created on a template, is there a way to change the template without creating a new one and copying and pasting the info?

At the moment this is not possible. This is something that we would like to do in the future.

Where is my information stored? What is the security on this website?

MiProfile purchases webhosting space from a company with data centers in the United States and Germany, and is distributed via five different bandwidth providers.

MiProfile is built on a secure web application framework. Passwords are never stored in plain-text. MiProfile also uses a Secure Sockets Layer for transporting web traffic. This makes it difficult for any intermediary parties to view data as it is being transmitted between your computer and the MiProfile server.